Patent Medicine: PDF Samples

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Cover of Burdock Blood BittersA Few Samples of Cookbooks, Health Guides and Almanacs
The Patent Medicine Collection contains many cookbooks, health guides and almanacs. Representative of their time—when they would have been regarded with utmost seriousness—they can now charm and delight a 21st century readership. As a sort of amuse-gueule we are offering here, in their entirety, a few samples in PDF format. To view a PDF, click on the cover of the publication you want to read. Enjoy!

Cover of Favorite Recipes      Cover of Calendar - Household Receipe Book - 1911  Cover of Beauty Hints

Cover of Egyptian Dream Book      Cover of The Way to Foot Health      Cover of Proverbial Puzzles

Cover of The Handy Home Doctor      Cover of Dress Making in the Home      Cover of A Guide to Palmistry