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Home industries. Canada's national policy.  Protection to native products.  Development of field and factory. Speeches by leading members of Parliament [Sir John A. Macdonald and others]  Free trade theories vs. national prosperity
The memoirs of a Canadian secretary : a posthumous paper
Revision of the Canadian tariff
'Tariff for revenue only' vs. Canada's national policy. Political issues discussed: 1. Past and present reviewed.  2. Open letter to Mr. Dalton McCarthy, M.P.  3. Sir John Macdonald and the anti-French crusade. (Published by request of the Ottaws Liberal
Why Hon. T.A. Crerar broke with Union Government; Hansard report of late Minister of Agriculture's speech, delivered in the House of Commons, June 10th ... 1919
Protection et libre-echange; quelques statistiques
Labour's political economy; or, The tariff question considered. To which is added the report of the public meeting of delegates, held in Toronto on the 14th April, 1858.  Published by the 'Association for the Promotion of Canadian Industry'.
Speech of the Honorable A.T. Galt, Minister of Finance of Canada, in introducing the budget
Tariff re-adjustment. Canada's national policy.  Mr. C.C. Colby's great speech on tariff revision.  House of Commons: March, 1878. To which is added an open letter from Mr. Colby and the amendment moved by Sir John Macdonald on a re-adjustment of the domi
Speech delivered in the House of Commons on motion to go into Committee of Supply, by John Charlton, M.P. (North Norfolk) on the protection question in reply to Sir John A. Macdonald's amendment
Organized farmers' case; resolutions presented to the Dominion Government by the Canadian Council of Agriculture on December 16th, 1913, in Premier Borden's office, Ottawa, and Memorandum in support of tariff resolutions
The true commercial policy for greater Britain. An address delivered by J.N. Blake ... before the Commercial Union Club at Association Hall, Toronto, April 5th, 1888
The Trade question debated; the record submitted