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Speech ... at the International Commercial Convention at Detroit. Delivered on Friday, 14th instant.  Specially revised by Mr. Howe for the Hamilton Spectator
Réciprocité commerciale. Discours de M. Chs. Langelier, député de Montmorency, à la Chambre des Communes
Report on the state of trade between the United States and British possessions in North America, prepared for the Secretary of the Treasury, in compliance with a joint resolution of Congress
Discours programme de l'hon. M. Chapleau au Comité central du Parti conservateur à Montréal : 10 février 1891
Report in favor of reciprocity with Canada made to the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York by its Committee on Foreign Commerce and the Revenue Laws, unanimously adopted by the Chamber, January 7th, 1909
Speech delivered by the right Honorable Sir Richard Cartwright ... in Association Hall, Toronto, August 29, 1911
The reciprocity agreement and its consequences as viewed from the Nationalist standpoint
La reciprocite. Conference de C. Beausoleil, M.P., auClub National de Montreal. Vendredi, 6 fevrier 1891
A word to Canadians : the U.S. will not reduce their tariff to suit Canada
What a free market will do for the farmer in Ontario
What commercial union will do for the farmer in Ontario
The true policy in Canada of a patriotic ministry / Isaac Buchanan
Where reciprocity is not reciprocity; how Canada would open her markets to fifty countries