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Examen de conscience national : du Devoir du 30 juin 1927
His Excellency the Administrator of the Government avails himself of the earliest opportunity of conveying to the Legislative Council, the following communication, which he has received the King's commands to make, to the Provincial Parliament
Aux electeurs du quartier-ouest
A Messieurs les electeurs du comte de Vercheres
Who won? = Qui a gagne en 1911? : paroles fameuses de Sir George Foster : la deception nationaliste!
The Petition of the undersigned inhabitants of Lower Canada, humbly sheweth, that your petitioners ... are devoted to the maintenance of its connexion with Great Britain and Ireland, and the Empire of which it is their pride and happiness to form a part
[Letter from the President of the Montreal General Committee.]
Declaration / Constitutional Association, Quebec
Le Comite du district de Montreal ayant adopte un projet de requete en opposition a l'union projettee des legislatures des deux Canadas, il vous en adresse des copies ...
At a meeting of the General Committee appointed for the District of Montreal, for the purpose of preparing petitions to His Majesty and both Houses of Parliament, against the Bill introduced in the last session of Parliament …
At a meeting held Monday, 7 October, 1822, on the Champ de Mars, consisting of several members of the Legislative Council, of a numerous concourse of citizens respectable from rank, education and fortune, and of individuals of distinction …