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Report of the discussion on the late disruption in the Presbyterian Church which took place in St. Andrew's Church, Galt, on Tuesday, May 27, 1845, between the Rev. Principal Liddell and the Rev. John Bayne. Taken in shorthand, and revised by the speakers
Address ... before the Private Bills Committee of the House of Commons, on March 16th 1882, with reference to The Temporalities Fund Bill
The Exclusive right of the Church to the clergy reserves defended: in a letter to the Right Honorable the Earl of Liverpool; being an answer to The letter of a Protestant of the Church of Scotland, to His Lordship. By a Protestant
The Church union question; a study of the situation in Canada; the federation project discussed
Basis of union between United Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Church of Canada, as agreed upon by joint committees of both Churches, 1st August, 1860