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Weston's short-hand
[Cookery and domestic recipe book]
Manuscript receipt book containing recipes, medical remedies and household hints
Book of Recipes
Domestic recipes
The Marquess Wellesley, K.G. in India, 1798-1805 : an essay
A paper on wireless telegraphy, Nov. 1905
Military commissions of James Wolfe and his father Edward Wolfe
Journal of events & minutes of particular evidence relating to the late expedition against Rochefort &c & the subsequent Courts of Enquiry
General Wolfe's letters to his parents
Cookbook of British recipes
Medical recipe book
Opera evangelica, or, The Gospel of St Iames and Nicodemus
The drawings made by Captain Owen Stanley when on the Arctic expedition commanded by Sir George Back in H.M.S. "Terror" 1836 and 1837
Trial of the seven bishops
Victorian kitchen, household and medical recipes
Arithmetic exercise and cookery recipe book
Essays and journal
Petition to Queen Anne reviewing the Hudson's Bay Company's claims against the French