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Scraps from Canada to old country friends / by A Hamiltonian
Nos luttes constitutionnelles
Pourquoi nous parlons français; conférence
Le tombeau de Champlain, et autres réponses aux questions d'histoire du Canada proposées lors du concours ouvert en juin 1879 par Son Excellence M. le comte de Premio-Real
Tribut d'éloges aux Canadiens-français / discours prononcé par l'honorable James G. Gardiner, premier ministre de la Saskatchewan ; au banquet offert à la Chambre de commerce du District de Montréal, lors de sa visite à Oshawa, le 31 août 1928
Hier, aujourd'hui et demain, ou, Origines et destinées canadiennes / par Charles Thibault ; discours prononcé à Québec le 24 juin 1880
Canadian history notes
Confederation circular. Published by the British American Association of Saint John, N.B
Province of Quebec December 10th, 1764 : whereas information has been laid before His Excellency the Governor ...
By the President of the United States of America : a proclamation : whereas, there is too much reason to believe that citizens of the United States ... have combined to disturb the peace of the dominions of a neighbouring and friendly nation ...
Sir, by the authority of the Grand Council, Western Association and the Great Grand Eagle Chapter on patriot executive duty : you are hereby commissioned ...
By the Honorable Guy Carleton, Esq; Lieutenant-Governor and Commander in Chief of the province of Quebec, Brigadier-General of His Majesty's Forces, &c. &c. : a proclamation
To the inhabitants of the townships of Drummond, Lanark, Darling, Dalhousie, Bathurst and North and South Sherbrooke : comprising the 1st and 2d regiments of Lanark Militia