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[Homeliae de tempore, de sanctis, et de communi sanctorum : manuscript.
[Le coutumier de Normandie : manuscript]
[Breviarium Romanum] [manuscript]
Missale Romanum
In octo physicorum libros Aristotelis compendium
L’uso dell’archimetro, del sig.or Ostilio Ricci da Fermo …
Antiphonarium and breviarium
The drawings made by Captain Owen Stanley when on the Arctic expedition commanded by Sir George Back in H.M.S. "Terror" 1836 and 1837
Rules of Benedictine nuns
Manoscritto Cartaceo, databile alla prima meta del XVIII secolo
Culinary recipe book
Arithmetic exercise and cookery recipe book
Victorian kitchen, household and medical recipes
The narrative of a voyage from London to Montreal
Domestic recipes
Essays and journal