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Britannia Bustier, Beaver Bulkier
RW Inv. 66
PT Inv. Gr. 29A
Dentistry crest colour sketch 2
Gaz. Fol. 78
RW Inv. 98
Gaz. Fol. 122
City of Peterborough Chain of Office pencil sketch 2
Gaz. Fol. 92
RW Inv. 51
Trinity College mace sketch profile
Trinity College chapel processional cross rack
Gaz. Fol. 35
RW Inv. 64
Trinity College war memorial full size detail of capital
Gaz. Fol. 59
RW Inv. 52a
RW Inv. 78
RW Inv. 95
Photograph of the coat of arms of the City of Peterborough (unpainted)