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Perush Neviʼim u-Khetuvim
Torah, Neviʼim, Ketuvim
Literary record of J. Macdonald Oxley
Sententiarum libri IV
Victorian kitchen, household and medical recipes
Weston's short-hand
Sefer Halakhot pesuḳot
Sefer haflaʼah
[Sefer Ha-Higayon]
P. Rashi ʻal ha-Torah
Shibole ha-leḳeṭ
Sefer ha-Zohar
Sefer Mordekhai ha-shalem
Sefer ha-Shorashim
[Yalḳuṭ midrashim ʻa.ha-T.]
Greek Gospel lectionary
Sefer Mitsṿot gadol