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The Eric Robertson collection of Fleming family charters - 14th century to 18th century
Sheʼelot u-teshuvot
Samaritan Pentateuch
La pucelle d'Orléans : poëme héroicomique
Missale Romanum
Weston's short-hand
Ḥayrat ül-envār
Sefer Mitsṿot gadol
The Qur'an
Ḥidushe R. ʻAkiva Eger ʻal masekhet Gitin
Horae: Dutch Book of Hours
Edith Leckie Diary [Manuscript], 1914-1915
Boxed collection of Richardson family WWI letters
[Cookery and domestic recipe book]
Manuscript receipt book containing recipes, medical remedies and household hints
Book of Recipes