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Bristol's illustrated almanac 1917
Les anciens Canadiens : drame en trois actes : tire du roman populaire de P.A. de Gaspe
The Jubilee of Confederation : Canada in 1867, Canada in 1917
Can a community plan its giving for community purposes or must individuals continue to give without a knowledge of the community needs and what resources exist to meet these needs? A discussion of haphazard versus planned philanthropy, based on a study of
Conscription / Henri Bourassa
The Bonne entente : how it began, what it has done, and its immediate programme
Extension of the term of parliament; speeches delivered by Sir Robert Laird Borden and Dr. Michael Clark in the House of Commons, July 17, 1917
England, Canada and the great war
Canada's effort / by Gaston Deschamps
Address ... to his constituents of Victoria and Haliburton countries, at Lindsay, Ont., April, 1917
The effects of the war upon the grain trade, address delivered at the Annual General Meeting of the Winnipeg Grain Exchange, Sept. 12th, 1917
Cultures latine et teutonne
General attitude and aim of liberalism
National organization for war ...
For the defence of Canada
The doctor's there
Dodd's helpful hints for housekeepers 1917
Aletris cordial (1 sheet of blotting paper)
Dr. A.W. Chase's calendar almanac 1917
To the delegates of the Western Liberal convention, Winnipeg, August, 1917