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Gaz. Fol. 45
Leaf from a French book of devotions
PT Inv. Gr. 22B
PT Inv. Gr. 21A
PT Inv. Gr. 2
PT Inv. Gr. 7A
Gaz. Fol. 20
Misc. 2
Gaz. Fol. 71
Gaz. Fol. 46
OUG Inv. 1
British land grant by Robert Coudray
Misc. 7 RW Inv. 14a
Gaz. Fol. 33
PT Inv. Gr. 49
RW Inv. 53
Mrs Conybeare’s commonplace book : [manuscript].
RW Inv. 101
Gaz. Fol. 101
British deed