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PT Inv. Gr. 22A
Trinity College stag detail from North end of Strachan Hall
Toronto Board of Education arms colour sketch
Gaz. Fol. 107
Gaz. Fol. 80
Trinity College war memorial - sword
Gaz. Fol. 93
Grace Church-on-the-hill Reredos figure sketch of King David
Gaz. Fol. 44
Trinity College Arms of Cosgrave - left panel of fireplace
Sayings of a Church Father
Gaz. Fol. 52
Bank of Canada decoration diagram with red grid
PT Inv. Gr. 12
Grace Church reredos - Cranmer
Gaz. Fol. 53
Bank of Canada building decoration inverted with grid
Sketch of layout of Trinity College altar frontals
British charter involving Christiana, wife of Robert Souet
OUG UNC 69 27.05.1902