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Down's elixir recipe book. 3rd. ed.
Province de Manitoba et territoire du Nord-Ouest du Canada. Informations a l'usage des emigrants
Province of Manitoba and North-West Territory of the Dominion of Canada; information for emigrants
The moral nature and the great sympathetic
Le coup d'etat; ou, Le renvoi du cabinet de Boucherville; explication ministeriel- les donnees ... dans l'Assemblee Legislative, le 8 mars, 1878, concernant le renvoi d'office du Cabinet de Boucherville; suivies du discours de l'hon. M. Chapleau, pro
Junior course for teachers
Nos libertes
On the position of a constitutional governor under responsible government
Address ... to the electors of East Middlesex at the London City Hall, July 27th, A.D. 1878
The peculiar principles of the Baptists
Cinq années d'administration grite, ou, Le Canada ruiné / par un membre du Club Cartier
Address to the Toronto workingmen on the 'National Policy.'
Political points and pencillings, being selections from various addresses
This Newfoundland of ours; a lecture delivered ... on behalf of the St. John's Athenaeum, February 11th, 1878
The Ontario government. Senator Macpherson on 'reform' in this province.  A trenchant exposure of extravagance, incapacity and corruption.  A series of deficits.  A review of Mr. Mackenzie's downfall. Facts and figures from the public records - Mr. Mowat'
Tariff re-adjustment. Canada's national policy.  Mr. C.C. Colby's great speech on tariff revision.  House of Commons: March, 1878. To which is added an open letter from Mr. Colby and the amendment moved by Sir John Macdonald on a re-adjustment of the domi
The DeBoucherville government and the causes which led to their dismissal, an historical account
Radway's almanac and guide to health 1878
Mrs. Winslow's domestic receipt book 1878
Adresse a MM. les electeurs du comte de Lotbiniere ..., suivie de divers documents