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At a meeting held Monday, 7 October, 1822, on the Champ de Mars, consisting of several members of the Legislative Council, of a numerous concourse of citizens respectable from rank, education and fortune, and of individuals of distinction …
At a meeting of the General Committee appointed for the District of Montreal, for the purpose of preparing petitions to His Majesty and both Houses of Parliament, against the Bill introduced in the last session of Parliament …
Bill (as amended by the committee) for uniting the legislatures of Lower & Upper Canada. Printed, by order of the House of Commons, 31st July, 1822
An Address to the liege men of every British colony and province in the world, by a friend to his species
Le Comite du district de Montreal ayant adopte un projet de requete en opposition a l'union projettee des legislatures des deux Canadas, il vous en adresse des copies ...
[Letter from the President of the Montreal General Committee.]