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To the independent electors of the county of Leeds : Gentlemen ...
Extraordinary : Mercury Office, Quebec, 22d. January, 1823 : yesterday the following resolutions were passed in a Committee of the whole House ...
Cinq années d'administration grite, ou, Le Canada ruiné / par un membre du Club Cartier
At a meeting held Monday, 7 October, 1822, on the Champ de Mars, consisting of several members of the Legislative Council, of a numerous concourse of citizens respectable from rank, education and fortune, and of individuals of distinction …
At a meeting of the General Committee appointed for the District of Montreal, for the purpose of preparing petitions to His Majesty and both Houses of Parliament, against the Bill introduced in the last session of Parliament …
Resolutions unanimously passed by the Legislative Council of Lower Canada in Committee of the whole House
The Premier's visit: Sir John addresses a tremendous and enthusiastic gathering, and explains the political situation ...
French domination
The Petition of the undersigned inhabitants of Lower Canada, humbly sheweth, that your petitioners ... are devoted to the maintenance of its connexion with Great Britain and Ireland, and the Empire of which it is their pride and happiness to form a part
An Open letter to Conservatives everywhere! The reason why! by one of the supporters of the Government. Why we voted for the Government, and the Remedial bill
Bill (as amended by the committee) for uniting the legislatures of Lower & Upper Canada. Printed, by order of the House of Commons, 31st July, 1822
Imperial federation. A lecture delivered in Victoria Hall, Winnipeg, on Sept. 13th, 1889
The Mulloy memorandum
Adresse aux electeurs de la cite de Montreal
A tous les electeurs du Bas Canada
[Publications. 1921]
Copy of the memorandum of Lord Monck, Governor-General of Canada, recommending honours for the delegates to the London Conference which passed the B.N.A. Act ...
Two visions : a goodly land destroyed by the Grit blight, how it was restored to prosperity
Le Comite du district de Montreal ayant adopte un projet de requete en opposition a l'union projettee des legislatures des deux Canadas, il vous en adresse des copies ...
[Letter from the President of the Montreal General Committee.]