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August flower and German syrup almanac 1890
Tell-tale, a game of love.
Domestic drugs, their origin, properties and use
Burdock Blood Bitters pocket memorandum book 1890
Ayer's American Almanac 1890
Ayer's American Almanac, Canadian edition. 1890
Oliver's local book of dates, and illustrated Oxford almanac
Mr. Sparham Sheldrake's preparatory school for boys : established 1879 : 'The Grove,' Lakefield, Ontario
A Christian home for men; the Working Men's Home, 59 Frederick St., Toronto
Liquor act analyzed
The Jesuits, their origin, history, aims, principles, immoral teaching, their expulsions from various lands and condemnation by Roman Catholic and Protestant authorities, with the Bull of Pope Clement XIV., abolishing the Society, and a chapter on the Jes
A tract for the times on the situation
Address to the churches from the following organizations, the Single Tax Association, the Trades and Labor Council and others
A grand literary and musical entertainment, consisting of readings, songs, addresses will be held under the auspices of the Pinkerton Literary Club ... on the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 11th
Provincial politics, 1890; a speech delivered in the Legislative Assembly, March 25th, 1890, on separate schools and the position of the Roman Catholic electors with the two political parties
The 'Modus vivendi', recently entered into between the British and French governments, relative to the taking and packing of lobsters on a part of the coast of Newfoundland, and the action taken in Newfoundland in relation thereto; published by a Committe
The attitude of the French Canadian race and separate schools : speech delivered / by W.H. Barry, at Casselman, on 30th May, 1890
An open letter on the question: Do you want annexation to the United States? Written to an American friend by Bastion Old
Catalogue of lands for sale, with Torrens titles, and on easy terms. At the office of G.E. Fulthorp ...  Over 40,000 acres of farming lands.  Also a number of market garden plots, and city building lots
Functions of the Senate ... senseless criticisms of its work answered by Senator Abbott ...