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Facts relative to the Canadian Indians, published by direction of the Aborigines' Committee of the Meeting for Sufferings
Sir, by the authority of the Grand Council, Western Association and the Great Grand Eagle Chapter on patriot executive duty : you are hereby commissioned ...
Remarks and suggestions, respectfully offered, on that portion of the Clergy reserve property (land and funded) of Upper Canada, 'not specifically appropriated to any particular Chrch', in a letter addressed to His Excellency Sir George Arthur
A discours delivered in St. Andrew's Church, Toronto, on the fourteenth day of December, 1838, being a day of public fasting and humiliation, appointed by authority
The narrative of a voyage from London to Montreal
Extracts from the minutes of the United Synod of the Presbyterian Church of Upper Canada : at their meeting held in Cavan, Monday, June 24, 1839
[Letter to a friend, on the political conditions in Canada in 1839]
Peace or war? : the question considered with especial reference to the differences existing between the United States of America and Great Britain / by a clergyman of the Church of England, lately resident in America
An important letter on responsible government
Dissolution : the copartnership heretofore carried on by the subscribers at Brockville under the name of the A. & W. Morris & Co., and at Perth of W. Morris & Co. will terminate on the 21st instant