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Health in the household and practical recipes for the sick
Au nord; brochure accompagnee d'une carte geographique des cantons a coloniser dans les vallees de la Riviere Rouge et du Lievre, et dan [sic] partie des vallees de la Mattawin et de la Gatineau. Publiee sous les auspices des Societes de colonis
The origin and development of the Greek drama; a paper read before the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, 23rd February, 1883
Gloria Britanica and the universality of Anglo-Saxonism, a paper read at the convention of the North American St. George's Union, at Toronto, August 30, 1883
Banquet offert a Sir Hector L. Langevin, ... Ministre des Travaux publics, par les citoyens de Montreal a l'hotel Windsor, le Jeudi, 18 octobre, 1883
The relations of the colonies to the Empire: Present and future; two addresses
Endowments of the Church of Scotland in Canada, evidence of Mr. Douglas Brymner before the Senate Committee on private bills; in opposition to the bills for transferring the said endowments to the Presbyterian Church in Canada, 24th and 26th April, 1882
Report of George Burden, Esq., commissioner, on the western part of the disputed territory belonging to the province of Ontario, wherein the Dominion or Manitoba governments have, since 1879, claimed to exercise jurisdiction : printed by order of the Legi
Important information on banking, exchange interest and value on bank stocks, showing the causes of financial crises and how to prevent them ...
Commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther, 10th-12th November, 1883. Programme of meeting to be held in St. James' school-house on Saturday, 10th November, at 3 p.m. The Right Rev. the Bishop of Toronto in the chair
Manitoba and the North-West frauds. Correspondence with the Dept. of Agriculture &c., &c., &c., respecting the impostures of Professor John Macoun and others
Dictionary of the Chinook jargon or Indian trade language of the north Pacific coast
An address delivered before the Historical Society of New Brunswick, in the city of St. John, Dominion of Canada, 4th July, 1883
Voeux de bonne année
Extracts from the will of the founder; Royal Charter; Acts of Parliament; Statutes
The Queen's Own Rifles, Ambulance Corps : instructions for first aid to wounded / by J.W. Lesslie
Canadian North-West, climate and productions : a misrepresentation exposed
Health in the household: a valuable collection of information
Administration of Crown Lands Department under the Mowat government; eleven years of efficient and economical management
Two discourses in review and criticism