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National calendar, or Herrick's almanac 1871
Reports of the 'late House of Assembly,' 'House of Commons,' and the 'Legislative Assembly' of Ontario, in relation to the Huron & Ontario Ship Canal. Printed by order of the Council of the Corporation of the City of Toronto, in accordance with resolution
Answer of the Trustees of the Toronto General Hospital to the report of the inspector of prisons, etc., lately presented to the Legislative Assembly
Confédération, indépendance, annexion
M'lle Christina Nilsson's second and last concert in Toronto; Music Hall, September 20
Appel aux gens de langage et de coeur francais en faveur de l'union du Canada aux Etats-Unis
Systeme protecteur; ou, De la necessite d'une reforme du tarif canadien
Decret pour Rome et pour le monde
The constitution and by-laws of the Caledonian Society of Toronto
The German Conquest of England in 1875, and Battle of Dorking; or, Reminiscences of volunteer, describing the arrival of the German Armada - destruction of the British fleet - the decisive battle of Dorking - capture of London - down-fall of the English E
Le chevalier Noel Brulart de Sillery
The battle of Dorking: being an account of the German invasion of England: capture of London [and] Woolwich [etc.] as told by a volunteer to his grandchildren
Circular of the Board of Trade to the merchants and traders of the province of Ontario
Prospectus of the International Commission and Transit Company of Britain and America
Observations on Canadian geology
John justified : a reply to the fight in Dame Europa's school, showing that there are always two sides to every question
Lecture: the answer to popular objections against the Catholic religion; a verbatim report by W.H. Waller
The lumber trade of the Ottawa Valley : with a description of some of the principal manufacturing establishments
Report on the state of trade between the United States and British possessions in North America, prepared for the Secretary of the Treasury, in compliance with a joint resolution of Congress
Georgen's Canadian almanac