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By authority the following is an accompt of the duties paid at Quebec on spirituous liquors and wines since the conquest of this province ...
Quebeck : to the public = au public
By His Excellency Guy Carleton, Captain-General and Governor in Chief of the province of Quebec ... : [a proclamation]
The New-Year verses of the printers lad, who carries about the Quebec Gazette to the customers : January 1, 1767
An ordinance for regulating and establishing the admeasurement of fire-wood exposed to sale in this province
[Fares and rates for the carriage of wood, barrels, hogsheads and other merchandizes in the towns of Quebec, Montreal, and Trois-Rivières.]
By the Honorable Guy Carleton, Esq; Lieutenant-Governor and Commander in Chief of the province of Quebec, Brigadier-General of His Majesty's Forces, &c. &c. : a proclamation