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Système scolaire de la province d'Ontario; étude publiée par la Commission Constituante du Congrès d'Éducation des Canadiens-français d'Ontario, qui s'ouvrira à Ottawa, le mardi, 18 janvier, 1910
History and system of popular education in Upper Canada, 1855; a paper read before the American Association for the Advancement of Education.  New York, August, 1855
Provincial politics, 1890; a speech delivered in the Legislative Assembly, March 25th, 1890, on separate schools and the position of the Roman Catholic electors with the two political parties
Three brief addresses by Principal Grant on the duty of the Legislature to the colleges of the province
Correspondence between Archbishop Cleary , of Kingston, and W.R. Meredith, Leader of the Ontario opposition; also the Archbishop's remarks at Tweed, and his circular on separate schools, addressed to his clergy
A letter to the Hon. Oliver Mowat ... Attorney-General, on the government book depository in connection with the Education Department
Religious instruction in our public schools, being a number of letters published in the Toronto 'Mail'.
The grammar school system of Ontario; a correspondence between the Board of Trustees of the Clinton County Grammar School and the Rev. E. Ryerson, D.D., Chief Superintendent of Education
Catalogue of exhibits in Education department
Our public schools: their wants, an essay
Separate school grants