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Dr. Miles weather almanac and hand book of valuable information 1916
Health for all the family
Dr. A.W. Chase's calendar almanac 1916
Closing speech in the Nova Scotia Legislature on the financial accounts of the Province
A reference handbook on the war, designed for the use of teachers
Carnet bibliographique des publications, petit souvenir à l'occasion de ses noces d'Or Sacerdotales, 30 septembre, 1866-1916
Dans les Montagnes Rocheuses canadiennes / Gaëtane de Montreuil
La montagne Castel [par] Gaëtane de Montreuil
The effort of th'e Entent'e
Canadian nationalism and the war
Souvenir book of the 79th Cameron Highlanders of Canada
Independence or imperial partnership? A study of The problem of the Commonwealth by Mr. Lionel Curtis
Exhibition of war cartoons, 26th February to 25th March, 1916
A great work in which we all may share, an outline of the work of the British Red Cross and Order of St. John of Jerusalem, prepared by the Organization of Resources Committee, from data supplied, in connection with the British Red Cross Campaign, October
Le Probleme de l'Empire
The Mulloy memorandum
The King will be proud of Canada; Canadian military song. Words by S.G. Smith. Music by Frank Eborall
The genesis and evolution of slavery : showing how the chattel slaves of Pagan times have been transformed into the capitalist property of to-day
Ontario Temperance Act. Speech delivered by Hon. W.H. Hearst, Prime Minister, April 4, 1916
Ontario and the war: address on Friday September 22nd, 1916, at the Hotel Cecil, London