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To the electors of Upper Canada
To the free and independent electors of the third riding of the County of York
The elections, or, A plain dialogue between John, a country farmer and Andrew, a citizen of Toronto : on general topics which ought to be discussed by every elector in Upper Canada ...
To the honourable the House of Assembly : the humble petition of the undersigned, inhabitants of the ...
Fellow-citizens of Toronto : the following is a list of the bills brought into Parliament by me during the two last sessions ...
A brief biographical sketch of His Excellency Sir Francis Bond Head
Toronto, 28th May, 1836 : the following is the reply of His Excellency the Lietuenant Governor ...
To the Wesleyan Methodists of Lenox & Addington
To the Wesleyan Methodists of Upper Canada
To the electors of the City of Toronto : Gentlemen, the spontaneous voice of a numerous and respectable body of my fellow citizens has called upon me to offer as a candidate ...
Light, or facts for the information and guidance of all true Christians : in connexion with the Methodist Church in Upper Canada
The Constitutional Reform Society of U. Canada to their fellow reformers
Hypocrisy & falsehood exposed : electors of Upper Canada: ...
The Reform Alliance Society to their brother reformers in Upper Canada
An address presented to His Excellency Sir Francis Head by a deputation from 150 of the freeholders and respectable inhabitants : of a portion of Yonge Street, on Wednesday the 30th March 1836, with His Excellency's reply
Reply of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, to a loyal address from the inhabitants of the District of Ottawa
Dialogue between a farmer from Darlington and a freeholder of Cavan, in regard to the election for the county of Durham
Observations on Upper Canada College
A refutation of the slanders and misrepresentations circulated by Sir F.B. Head : in his several answers to pretended addresses from various parts of the province
Freeholders of Northumberland