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Le Manitoba; renseignements et conseils aux Canadiens-Francais de la Province de Quebec et des etats-Unis
Province of British Columbia: information for intending settlers
Welsh tenant-farmers on the agricultural resources of Canada; the reports of Mr. John Roberts [and] Mr. W.H. Dempster on their visit to Canada in 1893. Published by authority of the Government of Canada (Department of the Interior)
Canada the new homeland
Canada West / issued under direction of Charles Stewart, minister of Immigration and Colonization
Coup-d'oeil sur les ressources productives et la richesse du Canada; suivi d'un 'Plan d'organisation' complet et détaillé, relatif à la colonisation, destiné à faire suite aux 'Études sur la colonisation du Bas Canada, depuis dix ans.'
Report on emigration, 1874
The interests of the British Empire in North America
A Canadian farmer's report. Minnesota and Dakota compared with Manitoba and Canadian Northwest.  The facts as personally seen by a Canadian farmer
The emigrant's guide and directory through the United States of America ...
Canada vs. Nebraska; a refutation of attacks made on Canada by C.R. Shaller, Commissioner of the Missouri Railroad Company, in the 'People's Journal', of Dundee, Scotland
Canada as seen through Scottish eyes : being an account of a trip taken across the Dominion by the Scottish Agricultural Commission in the autumn of 1908
L'Est canadien : Canada, le nouveau chez soi / publié par ordre de James-A. Robb, ministre de l'Immigration et de la colonisation
Canada's opportunity, a review of Butler's 'Great Lone Land' in its relation to present day conditions and future prospects
Alberta, Canada, the great ranching, agricultural and mineral country at the base of the Rocky Mountains.  Millions of fertile acres awaiting settlement.  Guide to settlers, January, 1888. Compiled by G. Fitzgerald of Calgary and published by the authorit
Canada West / issued under direction of J.A. Calder, minister of Immigration and Colonization
Canada West / issued under direction of Hon. J.W. Edwards, minister of Immigration and Colonization
Canada West : Canada, the new homeland / issued by direction of James Alexander Robb, minister of Immigration and Colonzation
The North West, the Province of Manitoba and North-West Territories- their extent - salubrity of the climate - fertility of the soil - products - regulations concerning lands - prices of cereals and farm implements - salaries and wages - travelling routes
Information published by His Majesty's Commissioners for Emigration, respecting the British colonies in North America