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Three brief addresses by Principal Grant on the duty of the Legislature to the colleges of the province
Our public schools: their wants, an essay
Provincial politics, 1890; a speech delivered in the Legislative Assembly, March 25th, 1890, on separate schools and the position of the Roman Catholic electors with the two political parties
Correspondence between Archbishop Cleary , of Kingston, and W.R. Meredith, Leader of the Ontario opposition; also the Archbishop's remarks at Tweed, and his circular on separate schools, addressed to his clergy
History and system of popular education in Upper Canada, 1855; a paper read before the American Association for the Advancement of Education.  New York, August, 1855
The grammar school system of Ontario; a correspondence between the Board of Trustees of the Clinton County Grammar School and the Rev. E. Ryerson, D.D., Chief Superintendent of Education
Système scolaire de la province d'Ontario; étude publiée par la Commission Constituante du Congrès d'Éducation des Canadiens-français d'Ontario, qui s'ouvrira à Ottawa, le mardi, 18 janvier, 1910
Separate school grants
A letter to the Hon. Oliver Mowat ... Attorney-General, on the government book depository in connection with the Education Department
Religious instruction in our public schools, being a number of letters published in the Toronto 'Mail'.
Catalogue of exhibits in Education department