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Ayer's American Almanac 1880
Pierce's memorandum and account book 1880
Hagyard's Royal Canadian almanac 1880
The history of an old family remedy
National calendar, or Herrick's almanac 1880
Directions for using Hamlin's Wizard Oil
Pacific Railway; speech delivered in the House of Commons on Thursday and Friday, 15th and 16th April, 1880. From the official report of the debates
The city of Three-Rivers as a sea-port and her net-work of rail-roads
Newfoundland, its climate, geographical position, resources, etc., and Benares, the sacred city of the Hindus; two lectures delivered before the Y.M.C.A
Is moral suasion sufficient? / by G.E. Foster
Circular to the United Empire Loyalists of Canada
Participial periphrases in Attic prose
A Mohawk legend of Adam and Eve
Manitoba and the Canadian North-West. The Canada North-West Land Co., Ltd. offer for sale without cultivation or settlement restrictions 5,000,000 acres of choice farming lands ...
What is a light line union? : a catechism / Margaret C. Munns
La temperance et le plebiscite / le R.P. Nilon de Poughkeepsie, N.Y., sur les raisons pour lesquelles les catholiques doivent favoriser la prohibition
Marriage with a deceased wife's sister, speech delivered in the House of Commons on Mr. Girouard's bill, February 27th, 1880
Guide to Manitoba and the North-West
The Egyptian obelisk! and the Masonic emblems found at its base; history of the symbols, with the opinions of leading Masons as to their authenticity
Notes et éclaircissements : la question du tombeau de Champlain / par Stanislas Drapeau