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Brayley's family medical almanac 1873
National calendar, or Herrick's almanac 1873
Three speeches on the Pacific Scandal
Circulaire au clerge, condamnant le pamphlet de l'hon. M. Dessaulles, intitule 'La Grande Guerre Ecclesiastique' annonce dans la Minerva
Nos divisions politiques; revue de nos luttes depuis 1840, résultats de ces luttes, et nécessité de l'union entre tous les Canadiens
Toronto, Grey & Bruce Railway : hand-book of useful information respecting the line, and the country tributary to it : for the use of settlers, travellers, investors, and the public generally / compiled under the authority of the directors by Thomas Robin
Le diner interrompu, ou, Nouvelle farce de Jocrisse : pièce comique en un acte / par Ernest Doin
Budget speech, delivered in the House of Commons of Canada, on Tuesday, the 1st April, 1873 / by S.L. Tilley
The Beauharnois Canal question
Canada vs. Nebraska; a refutation of attacks made on Canada by C.R. Shaller, Commissioner of the Missouri Railroad Company, in the 'People's Journal', of Dundee, Scotland
Reports of Hon. Wm. J. McAlpine, C.E., and D.M. Greene, Esq., C.E., on wood and sawdust deposits in the Hudson and Ottawa rivers
A Canadian national spirit : a lecture delivered before the Young Men's Association of St. Andrew's Church, Montreal, on December 8th, 1873 / by A.T. Drummond
Literature and dogma : an inaugural lecture, delivered in Knox Church, Toronto, on 1st October, 1873 / by William MacLaren, on the occasion of his induction as professor of systematic theology in Knox College
Comments on the proceedings and evidence on the charges preferred by Mr. Huntington, M.P., against the Government of Canada
British versus American Civilization
The North-West of Canada, being a brief sketch of the North-Western regions, and a treatise on the future resources of the country
The pain-killer annual 1873
Respecting the $6.00 refund bonus to immigrants ...
Claim of the late Colonel Bouchette, surveyor general L.C
The seal and herring fisheries of Newfoundland. Together with a condensed history of the island