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La crise ministerielle et Mr. Denis Benjamin Viger, etc. : en deux parties
The future of British America: Independence.  How to prepare for it; consolidation is preparation for a new nation, confederation is preparation for annexation
The Crown and the confederation, three letters to the Hon. John Alexander Macdonald, Attorney General for Upper Canada, by a Backwoodsman [pseud.]
Nos divisions politiques; revue de nos luttes depuis 1840, résultats de ces luttes, et nécessité de l'union entre tous les Canadiens
Confederation or annexation? An address on the proposed federal union of the British North American provinces delivered March 22nd, 1865, before the House Joiner's Union Association, the Shipwright and Caulker's Association, the Stone Cutter and Mason's A
Documents relating to the resignation of the Canadian ministry in September, 1854
British colonial politics: [Review of] proclamations of His Excellency Sir Charles Theophilus Metcalfe ... for dissolving the Provincial Parliament of Canada, and for the Election of a House of Assembly for that Colony; [in] Canada Gazette Extraordinary,
Correspondence between the Hon. W.H. Draper [and] the Hon. R.E. Caron; and, between the Hon. R.E. Caron, and the Honbles. L.H. Lafontaine [and] A.N. Morin, referred to in a recent debate in the Legislative Assembly; containing many suppressed letters
Letters upon the interpretation of the Federal Constitution known as the British North America Act, 1867: First letter
Counter manifesto to the annexationists of Montreal
The Dominion campaign. Sir John Macdonald on the questions at issue before the people; the Premier's great speech before the workingmen of Toronto