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Speech delivered in the House of Assembly of Nova Scotia, March 20, 1850. Reported by Otto Weeks, jnr. reporter to the Assembly
Philosophy of railroads. Published at the request of the directors of the Montreal and Lachine Railroad
Descriptive and historical view of Burr's Moving Mirror, of the Lakes, the Niagara, St. Lawrence, and Saguenay Rivers, embracing the entire range of border scenery of the United States and Canadian shores, from Lake Erie to the Atlantic : copyright secure
Essay on the advantages of the canals to the farmers of Canada
Draft of a bill, entitled An act to repeal the laws respecting separate schools, so far as they relate to Roman Catholics, and to authorize the establishment of schools by Roman Catholics in Upper Canada
The Canada rose
Songs from the heart / by David Wylie
Bill to consolidate and amend the laws relating to coaches
Rose Park. Conditions of sale
Draft of a constitution laid before the Committee of Publication, and ordered to be printed and sent to the members of committee