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Resolutions unanimously passed by the Legislative Council of Lower Canada in Committee of the whole House
To the honourable the House of Assembly : the humble petition of the people of ...
The carrier of the Canadian Watchman to his patrons
Exercice de piété pour s'entretenir avec Dieu : dans le temps du Colera-Morbus : suivi des litanies de Notre Dame des Victoires et de Saint-Roch
A sermon, preached in Saint George's Church, Kingston, on Thursday the 23d of August, 1832, at the visitation of the Hon'ble and Rt. Rev'd the Lord Bishop of the Diocese
Hamilton, March 21, 1832 : Sir: at a meeting of the freeholders of the District of Gore ...
To the King's most excellent Majesty : we, your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, the inhabitants of the District of Gore ...
The four principal battles of the late war. Being a full detailed account of the battle of Chippeway, fall and destruction of the city of Washington, battles of Baltimore, and New Orleans. By Adjutant P.M. Davis
Aux electeurs du quartier-ouest