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Resolutions : 1st. That slavery ... is an outrage on the laws of humanity, and of the Bible ... 2nd. That, entertaining the feelings of brethren and friends to the inhabitants of the neighbouring States …
Supplementary return to an address from the Legislative Assembly to His Excellency the Governor General, dated the 2nd June, 1851, for copies of all titles, leases, or concessions made in favour of the Hudson's Bay Company …
Discours prononcé à la cathédrale de Toronto / par R.J. Tellier, le 24 juin 1851, jour de la fête, et en présence de l'Association de St. Jean-Baptiste
The Labrador mission. Letters of the Rev. H.P. Disney and the Rev. A. Gifford
Adresse aux electeurs de la cite de Montreal
A Brief sketch of the Cape Breton mission, with a notice of the late Mrs Mackay of Rockfield, who was the main instrument in establishing the mission, and by whom its affairs were almost solely conducted
Association St. Jean Baptiste : discours prononcé en chaire / par le révérend père Tellier, le jour de la célébration de la fête de St. Jean-Baptiste, à Toronto
The order of the Sons of Temperance : its origin, its history, its secrets, its objections, its designs, its influence : comprising a full and authentic history of this deservedly popular institution, from its origin to the present time / by a member of t
To the electors of Brockville
Compact tyranny. Electors of Brockville
Report on the preliminary survey of the Kingston and Toronto section of the Canada Trunk Railway
Le Canadien émigrant, par douze missionaires des townships de l'est
Le Suisse méthodiste confondu et convaincu d'ignorance et de mensonge