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Attestations de six cures, au sujet de la conduite en 1837-38, du Colonel Gugy
'Love of God and of our neighbour', a sermon, preached in the Cathedral Church of St. James, Toronto, on Tuesday, March 17, 1840, before the Societies of St. George, St. Patrick, [and] St. Andrew
Opinion of twelve of the most eminent advocates of Paris, touching the right of the Seminary of Montreal in Canada, to certain property
An address to the House of Lords, against the bill before Parliament for the union of the Canadas, and disclosing the improper means by which the consent of the Legislature of the Upper Province has been obtained
A schedule of lands sold in the District of Ottawa ... in the month of August, 1834, under the Wildland assessment law ...
Discourse on the nature and duties of the military profession, delivered in Saint Andrew's Church, Toronto, to the 93d Highlanders on the eve of their departure from Toronto garrison