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Resolutions adopted at a meeting of Presbyterians [of Beckwith and Ramsay] at Caleton [sic] Place
To Scotchmen in the colonies and at home
Dialogue entre deux electeurs de la Basse-ville
A Constitutional conversation with a conscientious colonist, or, Truth vs. error
Report of Select Committee on the report of Committee of Conference on the subject of the appropriation of the Clergy Reserves. By order of the Commons House of Assembly
Resolutions, adopted at a meeting of Presbyterians held in Perth, on the 25th of March, 1837
Representations on the legislative union of the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada
A few words on the subject of Canada, by a barrister [pseud.]
Eklekta mythistorias : outos armosthente kai diatahthenta, oste tois stoikeiakois : odon temnein epi ten elleniken glossan
The aspect and influence of Christianity upon the commercial character ; a discourse, delivered at Montreal, October 15, 1837 / by Newton Bosworth