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Piso's pocket book almanac
Bibliography of Maritime literature, compiled by W.M. Brittain, ...
The fourth year of the war in foreign exchange
Special order of the day
La confédération canadienne / discours prononcé par l'Honorable Sir Lomer Gouin ... à l'Assemblée législative le 23 janvier 1918
Some side-lights on a great Canadian industry
Le catholicisme en Ontario, quelques statistiques; préface par M. Philippe Landry
Compensation for injuries to Canadian workmen
The Catarrhozone almanac
The Heliconian
Industrial relations
Whither a brief consideration of the direction in which by reason of the war, the world may be made to advance
Impressions of the eighteenth annual meeting of the Canadian National Chapter of The Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire and Children of the Empire (Juvenile Branch), held at Toronto, May 27th-31st, 1918 , by Mrs. Colin H. Campbell
'Sacrifice - the price of victory, to our Allies, to our Fighting Men, to the Folks at Home.'
War time experiences of Canadian cities
General constitution and by-laws for local union, revised at Toronto Convention, September 7th, 1918
Manifestos, 1916-17