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An ordinance to apply the sum of seven hundred and twenty two thousand one hundred and fourteen dollars and five cents, out of the general revenue of the Colony of British Columbia and its dependencies …
Address to the school trustees, parents, and common school teachers, of the county of Durham, C.W
Standing orders of the Civil Service Rifle Regiment. As adopted at a meeting of the officers, held at Ottawa, on the 26th October, 1866
Association for Promotion of Canadian Industry; its formation, by-laws, &c
The great theme of the age; a poem of the confederation of the British American provinces
The constitution and by-laws of Huron College, with the Act of incorporation
Speech of the Honorable A.T. Galt, Minister of Finance of Canada, in introducing the budget
Extract from a manuscript journal relating to the siege of Quebec in 1759, kept by Colonel Malcolm Fraser, then lieutenant of the 78th (Fraser's Highlanders) and serving in that campaign.  Published under the auspices of the Literary and Historical Societ
Abstract of proceedings in Montreal : in connection with the interests of the British Protestant population in eastern Canada, under the proposed union of the British American provinces
Statement of the De Léry Gold Mining Company, of Canada : chartered by Royal letters patent, July 1st., 1865 ...
Righteousness exalteth a nation, a thanksgiving sermon
The Biglow Papers; ed. with an introduction, notes, glossary, and copious index, by Homer Wilbur
The Irish position in British and in Republican North America; a letter to the editors of the Irish Press irrespective of party
A Brief biographical sketch of the Hon. Robert Charles Wilkins : written for the Hastings Chronicle, 25th March, 1866
Essay on progress
Reminiscences of Canada, and the early days of Fergus; being three lectures delivered to the Farmers' and Mechanics' Institute, Fergus, in A.D. 1864 and 1865