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To emigrants and natives in search of lands for settlement
A scheme of Scriptural chronology, indicating the near approach of the second advent; in which all disputed points are avoided, and the 'seventy weeks' shewn to be part of the 'two thousand three hundred days'. By A.J. Williamson
Report of a Special Committee of the Legislative Assembly of Canada, on thr [sic] subject of a free trade with Great Britain, in the agricultural productions of British North America, and of a protection to those productions from the competition of foreig
The emigrant's guide and directory through the United States of America ...
A sermon preached in Christ Church, Fredericton
Emigration to a better country, a sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of St. James, Toronto, on Saint Patrick's day, 1842, before the societies of St. George, St. Patrick, [and] St. Andrew