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Description of a view of the Falls of Niagara, now exhibiting at the Panorama, Leicester Square / painted by Robert Burford, from drawings taken by him in the autumn of 1832
Emigration; Prince Edward Island: a brief but faithful account of this fine colony, shewing some of its advantages as a place of settlement. Addressed to those British farmers, and others, who are determined to emigrate, and try their fortune in a new cou
Sketch of the trade of British America. Written originally for the Nautical Magazine, with a few alterations and additions ...
Addresses to His Majesty on the state of the Province, and on the subject of the waste lands of the Crown
The Conversion, or, The age of miracles
A letter to the Hon. & Ven. Archdeacon Strachan in reply to some passages in his 'Letter to Dr. Chalmers on the life and character of Bishop Hobart', respecting the principles and effects of The Bible Society
Glorious news for the British population of Upper Canada ; and downfall of the prospects of the radicals, and the Yankee Methodists ...
Prospectus of the New Brunswick Times
To the people of Upper Canada : fellow countrymen ...