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British Columbia and the Canadian Pacific Railway; complimentary dinner to the Hon. Mr. Trutch, Surveyor-General of British Columbia, given at the Russell House, Ottawa, on Monday, 10th April, 1871. Reported for the Montreal gazette
Professor Foster's speech on the Canada Pacific Railway resolutions. Delivered in the House of Commons on the 12th of February, 1884
Pacific Railway; speech delivered in the House of Commons on Thursday and Friday, 15th and 16th April, 1880. From the official report of the debates
Railway monopoly; letters addressed to the 'Toronto mail,' and The effects of monopoly, from the 'Manitoba sun,' now republished by the Conservative Anti-Disallowance Association
Comments on the proceedings and evidence on the charges preferred by Mr. Huntington, M.P., against the Government of Canada
Alphonzo Stilletto's poetization of the incipient stage of the great Pacific Scandal, and of the celebrated speech of Lord Dufferin in reply to a health toast at a dinner given by the Halifax Club
The Canadian Pacific Railway and Sir Leonard Tilley's and Sir Charles Tupper's 'Fire-brick and clay series'.
The Pacific Railway. Britannicus' letters from the Ottawa Citizen
Letter to the Secretary of state, Canada, in reference to the report of the Canadian Pacific railway royal commission. By Sandford Fleming, past engineer-in-chief ...
Origin of the Canadian Pacific Railway
Week-ends out of town / Canadian Pacific Railway
Official memorandum respecting the position and prospects of the Canadian Pacific Railway
Le chemin de fer Canadien du Pacifique
The Syndicate. ...