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Health rays from the Branston violet rays generator
Exhibition of paintings by the Group of 7 / Art Museum of Toronto
Progress or reaction? Ottawa government's attitude towards needs of Canadian people contrasted with the aims and aspirations of the Farmers' Movement; group organization another step forward in constitutional development
Pro patria: Le drapeau. Ma patrie.  Feuilles d'erables
Provincial platform
The Veterans' Plot in Prospect Cemetery, Toronto
Buy Canadian products : 1. Build up the home market. 2. Stimulate Canadian business.  3. Reduce unemployment.  4. Lower prices. 5. Increase national revenue.  6. Reduce your taxes.  7. Attract outside capital
Canadian aluminum ware : a special investigation conducted by the Canadian Reconstruction Association proves Canadian-made aluminum products to be equal to the world's best and lower in price than corresponding articles of United States manufacture
Canada and reciprocity with the United States : an analysis of tariff relations between the two countries which shows how, after repeated and almost continuous rebuffs by a powerful neighbor concerned primarily with the advancement of its own prosperity,
Love's pilgrim : a new vision of love among the ruins : being the pathetic story of an obscure and forlorn emigrant poet, and of the strange recovery of the most poignantly beautiful love lyric in Canadian poetry / first recounted by John Daniel Logan
Taxation in Western Canada