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A few remarks on the meeting at Montreal for the formation of an association for the promotion and protection of the educational interests of Protestants in Lower Canada
Brady's Hall, Prescott, Thursday evening, December 15th, 1864 : The gigantic, original & artistic Maple Leaf Minstrels burlesque opera troupe & brass band ...
A letter to the bishops, clergy, and laity of the United Church of England and Ireland in the Province of Canada
Report of resolutions adopted at a conference of delegates from the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and the Colonies of Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island ... as the basis of a proposed Confederation of those provinces and colonies
On some points in the history and prospects of Protestant education in Lower Canada; a lecture delivered by Principal Dawson, before the Association of Teachers in connection with the McGill Normal School, Dec., 1864
The Greenwood tragedy; three addresses delivered to the prisoners in Toronto Gaol, soon after the suicide of William Greenwood, and having reference to that event; to which is added an appeal to the ladies of Canada
Sketch of education in Upper and Lower Canada, 1864
The Crown and the confederation, three letters to the Hon. John Alexander Macdonald, Attorney General for Upper Canada, by a Backwoodsman [pseud.]
Extracts from the will of the founder; royal charter; Acts of Parliament; statutes
Ayer's American Almanac 1864
A history of the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada, compiled from public documents
Statutes of the McGill University
Notes on the gold of eastern Canada : being a reprint of portions of various reports of the Geological Survey of Canada from 1848 to 1863