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Report of a Special Committee of the Legislative Assembly of Canada, on thr [sic] subject of a free trade with Great Britain, in the agricultural productions of British North America, and of a protection to those productions from the competition of foreig
To emigrants and natives in search of lands for settlement
A scheme of Scriptural chronology, indicating the near approach of the second advent; in which all disputed points are avoided, and the 'seventy weeks' shewn to be part of the 'two thousand three hundred days'. By A.J. Williamson
The emigrant's guide and directory through the United States of America ...
A sermon preached in Christ Church, Fredericton
Emigration to a better country, a sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of St. James, Toronto, on Saint Patrick's day, 1842, before the societies of St. George, St. Patrick, [and] St. Andrew