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La Machine agricole
La politique su parti conservateur est celle du peuple
In the interests of public life in Canada, men who have dishonored high positions should be relieved of responsibility: Hon. Geo. E. Foster should be defeated
Speech delivered in Ottawa, December 12th, 1889
Hudson's Bay and Red River Settlement: with a short account of the country, and the routes in 1857
A Canterbury pilgrimage
The Count of Monte Cristo and the Valois Romances by Alexander Dumas
La carte postale; saynète enfantine
Address by the provincial council to the people of Ontario, dealing mainly with separate schools
Greater Ontario; results of the practical administration of crown lands, forests and mines by the Whitney government.  [1908]
Defence of the Jesuits: calumnies of Pascal, Pietro Sarpi and Rev. B.F. Austin, triumphantly refuted; with a new song, 'The Devil's thirteen'.
A trip to Canada, 1897
Report of Hon. Justice Taschereau on the police investigation and its results, Superior Court of Montreal.  The City of Montreal, petitioner vs. D. Legault et al., respondents ...
The Great War: history notes
The great European War, a summary of the causes and events
Inaugural address delivered to the Young Liberal Club, of Seaforth, Ont., on the 27th October, 1886
The supernatural
What the Canadian Red Cross Society is doing in the Great War
'Canada for the Canadians' - political pointers for the Campaign of 1896