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Edifices religieux érigés dans la Province de Québec sous la domination française
The budget, preferential trade with Great Britain, reciprocity with the United States; speech of John Charlton, M.P., House of Commons, April 21, 1903
Les Canadiens-Francais et l'Empire Britannique
Speech of Mr. R. L. Borden, M.P. on the budget, House of Commons, April 17, 1903
A Birds-eye view of Canada's progress
Provincial rally of temperance workers of Ontario, Guild Hall, Toronto ... Convention call
Night : The house of dreams : two poems / by W. Wilfred Campbell ; issued privately to his friends for the New Year, 1903
The lyre degenerate, a poem; issued for the New Year, 1904
Mother Seigel's almanac 1903
Burdock Blood Bitters almanac 1903
Canadian incidents from real life
The F.E. Karn Co.'s guide to health
The New York almanac 1903
Ayer's American Almanac, Canadian edition. 1903