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Aux electeurs du comte de Quebec ... / J. Neilson
Hurrah for Lincoln! : Well done St. Catharines! : Rykert's majority 241 ...
Sir, in returning thanks for past encouragement conferred on me as engraver, &c. ... I would beg leave to state, that I have recently removed to a more retired part of the town ...
Declaration / Constitutional Association, Quebec
York incorporation bill
19 Richmond-street, 31st March, 1834 : Sir ...
Mr. Hume's letter : Mr. Hume has spoken for himself ...
Temperance societies : a letter to the editor of The Settler : Montreal, the 31st of March, 1834
The address delivered by John Macaulay, Esq., to the public meeting convened in Kingston Dec. 2nd. 1831, to 'consider the expediency of ascertaining by a survey of the country between Loughborough Lake and the town, and also between the town and the Ridea
A new almanack for the Canadian True Blues; with which is incorporated The constitutional reformer's text book ... 1834, by Patrick Swift [pseud.]
Report of the Grand River Navigation Company
The celebrated letter of Joseph Hume, esq., M.P., to William Lyon Mackenzie, esq., Mayor of Toronto, declaratory of a design to 'free these provinces from the baneful domination of the mother country!' With the comments of the press of Upper Canada on the
To the freemen of Halton : Gentlemen, in bestowing your suffrages upon two of the many candidates ...
To the young men, electors in the Home & Gore Districts