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British Columbia : return to an Address of the Honourable the House of Commons, dated 17 February 1859; for, 'Returns of all appointments, civil, military, and ecclesiastical, made or authorised by the Home Government, to the Colony of British Columbia .
Les Machabees Canadiens, lu au Cabinet de Lecture de Montreal, le 25 Janvier, 1859
Caird's slanders on Canada answered & refuted!
An act to amend the law relating to the representation of Vancouver Island and its dependencies
Gospel preaching : a discourse preached at the opening of the Synod of the United Presbyterian Church, in Toronto, June 12, 1859 / by William Aitken
Report of a Special Committee of the City Council on the improvement of the Fire Department, and also, on the best means of obtaining an additional supply of water for fire purposes, for the city of Halifax, N.S
An address to the Orangemen of Canada
[Parodi's Italian opera star company in a performance of Il Trovatore, Friday, Aug. 5th '59]
Letters illustrative of the present position of politics in Canada, written on the occasion of the political convention, which met at Toronto, on 9th Nov., 1859
'That they all may be one' : a sermon, preached before the Synod of the Diocese of Toronto, on the 7th of June, 1859 / by James Beaven ; published by those who heard it
A review of the proceeding of the Reform convention held in the St. Lawrence Hall, Toronto, 9th November, 1859; addressed to the electors of the county of Grey
Theory and experiment : a lecture delivered before the Board of Arts and Manufactures for Lower Canada, on the connection between experiment and theory in the progress of scientific discovery, December 20, 1858 / by E.K. Kendall ; printed by request
Our new religions : Ralph Waldo Emerson : his writings and opinions : a lecture / by John C. Geikie
The sucession of martyrs : a sermon preached before the Central Baptist Association of Nova Scotia, at its ninth annual session : held with the church in Granville Street, Halifax, June 20, 1858 / by J.M. Cramp ; published by request of the Association
Petition of the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Her Majesty the Queen, respecting the interference of the military authorities with the Common of Halifax, and documents, [etc.]
I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of the Regulations which the Council of Public Instruction have adopted according to law, in reference to religious instruction in the common schools of Upper Canada ...
Passé, présent et avenir du Canada