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Grand concert for the benefit of the Excelsior Fire Co. : given by the Brockville Sextette Club ...
The Buckeye spring hoe broadcast seeder and cultivator / manufactured by Dickie & Kennedy, Oshawa, Ont
A brief sketch of the early history of Guelph / by Robert Thompson
Denominational or free Christian schools in Manitoba
Lecture on political liberalism / delivered by Wilfrid Laurier, Esq., M.P., on the 26th June, 1877, in the Music Hall, Quebec, under the auspices of 'Le Club canadian'.
Discours sur le libéralisme politique : prononcé par M. W. Laurier, député fédéral, le 26 juin 1877, à la salle de musique sous les auspices du Club canadien
Les conservateurs et les libéraux; discours prononcé à la Baie St. Paul, le 5 aout 1877
Our national pie, and what it contained, being a report of the proceedings of the Anglo-Franco-Hibernian-Scottish-Canadian-National Society, Apr. 1, 1878
Reply to ministerial attacks upon his speeches and reflections on the public expenditure of the Dominion
Conférence / donnée par son excellence Monseigneur G. Conroy, délégué apostolique dans la cathédrale d'Ottawa, le 25 novembre 1877 ; pour venir en aide aux Soeurs du Bon Pasteur
Canadian reciprocity; why some Canadians want reciprocity, why Englishmen want it, why we don't want it
Scraps from Canada to old country friends / by A Hamiltonian
M. Laurier devant l'histoire, les erreurs de son discours et les veritables principes du parti conservateur
Souvenirs et lègendes, (conférence faite à l'Institut Canadien de Québec)
The day of rest
Speeches on the public expenditure of the Dominion
Canada / by James Joseph Gahan
The history of the discovery of anthracite coal at Lepreaux, New Brunswick. Compiled from reliable sources and personal observations, by Robert Robertson, Jr., September, 1877
Constitution and By-laws of the Canadian Mutual Benefit Association. Organized May 1, 1877
Canadian Pacific Railway routes