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Grand trunk railway. Letter of Mr. Brassey, to the Hon. John Ross, president of the company
Aux ouvriers de Quebec
A few hints on decimalizing the currency, respectfully submitted for the consideration of the Honourable the members of the Provincial Legislature and the mercantile classes of the province generally, by James Alexander
Arguments against an elective Legislative Council
Canada West and the Hudson's-Bay Company: a political and humane question of vital importance to the honour of Great Britain, to the prosperity of Canada, and to the existence of the native tribes; being an address to the Right Honorable Henry Labouchere
Esquisse biographique sur Chevalier de Lorimier
The foundations of nationality; a discourse preached in the Unitarian Church, Montreal, on the Sunday after the great railway celebration, November, 1856
Michel Sarrasin, medecin du roi a Quebec, conseiller au Conseil superieur, etc., etc
Minutes of proceedings between the County Council of Lanark and Renfrew and the Brockville and Ottawa Railway Company
Baptist sentiments, confirmed by the testimony of the most learned Pedobaptists