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L'instruction obligatoire au Manitoba; discours prononce a la Legislature du Manitoba le 15 janvier 1908 ...
By their works ye shall know them
A voyage on a pan of ice
Co-operative society for Canada. A project that will interest the Sons of England and benefit them
Patterns struck at the Royal Mint for Canada
Mémoire sur les tentatives de schisme et d'hérésie au milieu des ruthènes de l'Ouest canadien
Sir John A. Macdonald and the Canadian flag / by John S. Ewart
Le foundateur de la Nouvelle-France : Champlain / Jean du Saguenay ; dessins et cartes de Champlain
Week-ends out of town / Canadian Pacific Railway
'Arctic' expedition
Au fond du verre : histoires d'ivrognes / r.p. Hugolin
Preaching amid the perils of the great wilderness. Written for the 'Ottawa Evening Journal' by Mr. George Buskin, agent and missionary of the Evangelical and Colportage Mission of Algoma and the Northwest
Commerce has staked the richest claim in the world
Legal status of Canadian women, as shown by extracts from Dominion and Provincial laws relating to marriage, property, dower, divorce, descent of land, franchise, crime and other subjects
The question of Oriental immigration; speeches (in part) delivered in 1907 and 1908